Portal User Agreement

In order to register for an account with the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County’s Electronic Filing System (eflex) portal, you (User) must accept the terms of use below. This serves as your agreement with the Circuit Courts (Circuit, Probate and General Sessions-Civil), Criminal Court and Juvenile Court for the purpose of electronically filing court case documents using the E-Filing system and will remain in effect as long as you are an active registered user. Failure to accept these terms will result in denial of access to the E-Filing system. These E-Filing Rules remain in place and are binding upon the User as long as the User remains a registered user of the eFlex electronic filing system. Users may be prevented from using the eFlex system for violation of the E-Filing Rules by the Court Clerk.

User accepts and agrees to the following:

1. Definitions

The following words or phrases used in these Rules are defined as follows:

2. Scope of Rules

3. No Warranty

4. Authorized Users

5. Registered User Understanding and Account Maintenance Obligations

6. Format of Documents

7. Electronic Notification and Delivery of Documents

8. Time and Effect of E-Filing

9. Payment of Filing Fees

10. Conventional Filing

Papers that are filed by “conventional filing” means will be converted to electronic format.

11. System Use

12. File Size Limitations for All Electronic Filings

13. Juvenile Court Disclaimer